I am trying to call the Maker CDP Contract manager smart contract.

I want to get the information from this public mapping in the contract.

mapping (bytes32 => Cup) public cups

and should return a mapping:

    struct Cup {
        address  lad;      // CDP owner
        uint256  ink;      // Locked collateral (in SKR)
        uint256  art;      // Outstanding normalised debt (tax only)
        uint256  ire;      // Outstanding normalised debt

Where bytes32 should be a bytes representation of the CDPId. They have a python implementation that passes a value to this mapping from a function that looks like this.

def int_to_bytes32(value: int) -> bytes:
    assert(isinstance(value, int))
    return value.to_bytes(32, byteorder='big'

I've tried this:

    function (err, res){

However, I cannot figure out for my life how to pass the proper ID of say 5 to the bytes32 mapping and return the proper output. Everything returns with 0's even though I know that is incorrect.

Any help is appreciated.

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try this web3.utils.numberToHex(number) or just a string like this '0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000005'


Web3.utils.numberToHex(13850).substring(2).padStart(64, '0')

This was ultimately the solution that worked.

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