I want the amount of tokens to be a decimal number. but i heard that toBn is not supported decimals number.

When I put in a decimal number, I faced the following error: while converting number 0.15 to BN.js instance, error: invalid number value. Value must be an integer, hex string, BN or BigNumber instance

How can I send a decimals amount of tokens to my wallet? I am a beginner and save me. plz help!

i used code:

const val = 0.15; // this guy
let decimals = web3.utils.toBN(info.decimal);
let amount   =  web3.utils.toHex(web3.utils.toBN(val).mul(web3.utils.toBN(10).pow(decimals)));

Just don't use BN. You need to convert ETH to WEI.

This is a very simple proccess. Web3 has some buildt in functions for this:

const val = 0.15; // this guy
var weiAmount = web3.toWei(val);
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    This doesn't work for example with custom tokens that have less than 18 decimals. Ex If I want to calculate 0.2 of a BTC or 0,5 of USDC Feb 28 at 11:30

From the official documentation of BN:

Note: decimals are not supported in this library.

Here, the term decimals refers to numeric values with digits after the decimal point (i.e., non-integers).

When creating a BN object, you can pass either an integer or a string which represents an integer.

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