I'm making a dApp on reactjs. I wanted to create a new account and have done it trying 2 methods

  1. this.web3.eth.personal.newAccount()
  2. this.web3.eth.accounts.create()

I have attached the code below(ignore the comments)

 OTPSubmit(event) {
     //alert('A name was submitted: ' + this.state.value);
        showComponent: true,
       account: this.web3.eth.personal.newAccount()
       #account: this.web3.eth.accounts.create()


These are the errors I'm getting

  1. web3.eth.accounts.create() is not a function
  2. Cannot read property 'newAccount' of undefined

Can you please help me? I am very new to this


if you are using web3.js 1.0.0, try giving a password in the parameters like this:


if you are using an older version, try to separate "password" and "callback result" arguments like "Hamid Jolany" mentionned in this post:

web3.eth.personal.newAccount(password,(result)=>{ console.log(result); res.send(JSON.stringify(result));

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  • is newPassword a variable here? – Atul Anand Aug 14 at 12:47
  • You can use a string or a variable. Which version are you using? – Melek Boujelbene Aug 15 at 7:17

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