So my issue is when I run the compile and then migrate commands everything goes smooth, then I try to test by running the truffle test command and it gives me an error saying 'Error: The network id specified in the truffle config (4447) does not match the one returned by the network (5777)'. This is what is in my config file at the moment:

module.exports = {
  localGanache: {
    development: {
      host: "",
      port: 7545,
      from: '0xFE50B4F7B2921454E9204596b295d2B3648CF421',
      network_id: "5777",
      gas: 6721975

Do I need to have a separate config file set up for testing? If so what does it look like? Thanks in advance for help and sorry my newbie skills


You can set the ganache-cli network ID by using a flag when running it:

ganache-cli --networkId 4447
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As said by @shane you can run the command with the networkId flag or alternatively you can change your config to '*' to match any id provided by ganache.

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