I am trying to run a 3 node cluster, 1 among three is miner. When I try to make sendTransation its seems be signed but seems to halt forever with message signed and must wait for others.

 Signed recently must wait for others

The logs also show ENR request failed which doesnt seems okay:

enter image description here

Other details, I have a bootnode which serves at peer discovery node. My nodes runes with command

geth --nousb --bootnodes "enode://$bootnodeId@$bootnodeIp:30301"  \
--rpc  --rpcaddr ""   --networkid "15" --verbosity 5 --maxpeers 3  \
 --rpccorsdomain "*" --rpcapi "eth,net,web3,miner,debug,personal,rpc" --syncmode full 

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You need to enable UDP rule for port 30310 for ec2 instance running bootnode.

Problem while setting private ethereum network on AWS using bootnode

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