I have created a transaction offline for a contract deploy, to be sent to my server to deploy. Here is my offline created transaction

const contract = new ethers.ContractFactory(abi, bin, wallet);

const deployTrx = await contract.getDeployTransaction(

This gives me my data from my transaction. I give it also gasPrice, gasLimit, and my nonce. I send it to my server to do the transaction deploy from the server side and return to the client the transaction.

At this point I build my contract interface like so:

// get deployed address
const contractAddress = ethers.utils.getContractAddress(deployResult.data.trx);
// make interface
const contractInterface = new ethers.Contract(contractAddress, abi, wallet);

I test this out to get the deployed total supply and get an error.

this.deployTransaction.wait is not a function

So am I not building my interface correctly. It seems like I cant call any functions successfully on contractInterface. It always gives that same error. I have deployed the contract the otherway, not making the transaction first and then submitting it, but just having it submitted through . deploy. That gives me an interface back when I use .deploy but I dont have this option.

How do I get my interface after submitting my offline made transaction to my server?

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