contract Test {
  ERC721Token public tokenAddress;

  constructor(address _address) public {
    tokenAddress = ERC721Token(_address);

In this example, I just tested tokenAddress returns the address of a ERC721Token contract. If it's just returning an address, how come the state variable tokenAddress's type is ERC721Token and not address?

and the line here, tokenAddress = ERC721Token(_address); What does ERC721Token(_address) mean? Does it mean it's searching a specific ERC721Token contract from the network?

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Contract casting is only used for the compiler to know the functions available on the contract. Internally, you're right that tokenAddress is just an address, and ERC721Token(_address) isn't really doing anything other than allowing the compiler to know the functions.

Otherwise, the compiler would fail if you tried calling ERC721Token functions on a regular address.

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