USD uses the symbol $. Ether has Ξ. Is there an agreed-upon Unicode currency symbol for DAI?

And in your answer, please don't point me to an image of the symbol. I'm asking specifically if there's a Unicode symbol that I can paste into an MS Word document for example.

Bonus points if you include other popular tokens such as USDT or Wrapped Ether.

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DAI - From the developer docs:

Dai has adopted the unicode diamond as its symbolic representation:

◈ 100 dai

USDT - Official Naming Conventions

USD₮, EUR₮, JPY₮: crypto USD, EUR & JPY issued by Tether Operations Limited. Similar to bitcoin utilizing the unicode symbol Ƀ, Tether tokens are represented by the unicode symbol ₮ (Tugrik sign).


See the following Reddit post: 貸 dai ◈

⬙ Was the first unicode character I wanted for the dai. Mainly because it looks like a diamond and has the nice little triangle showing which way the price is going ;). However I ended up not liking it for a number of reasons, first of all the unicode symbol looks weirdly lopsided in most fonts for god knows what reason. Secondly in the end I'm not so confident that the dai will be strictly deflationary, and as such it's a bad idea to have it a as a foundational part of the symbolism. And also it's quite tacky to have the symbolism appeal to the greed instinct.

Instead ◈ was suggested...

◈ => ...

  • \u25c8 in UTF-16
  • \xe2\x97\x88 in UTF-8

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