My question is: I am trying to send a transaction using a cryptocurrency very similar to ethereum, in fact their code is almost copy pasted from ethereumjs:


What you see as requirements "cse-util" or "cse-common" are my guess just "ethereum-util" or "ethereum-common" from the original ethereumjs implementation...

in fact if you copy/paste them you should be able to generate transaction using this well known way:


The only part I don't understand is: How can you broadcast it then if there is no mainnet/testnet node? Or if you cannot run geth or your own node?

Is it possible to send transaction on another cryptocurrency using ethereum node? How absurd is this?

I emailed them 2 times btw...no response yet, if they can tell me what node to use it will be some help.

why i need is btw: just think this token has huge potential but i want to be in control of my private keys and also see how this works. 10x!

  • Just to clarify your last line's reasoning: you should be in control of your private keys also in mainnet/testnets and you can test token functionalities just fine in testnets. Furthermore the JS implementation is just a wrapper to facilitate communication with a node, it has nothing to do with the actual blockchain implementation so you're not building your own cryptocurrency (not blockchain), just the code that interacts with a node. – Lauri Peltonen Jul 28 '19 at 7:24

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