I am trying to deploy Solidity contract in Remix for my study purpose.

However, I failed to deploy SmartMesh contract in Remix (below, I attach the link for the code): https://etherscan.io/address/0x55f93985431fc9304077687a35a1ba103dc1e081#code

After some trials, I found that the contract can be deployed if I remove the transferProxy function from the contract. But I don't know the reason.

Could you help me how can I deploy this contract including transferProxy function?

  • did it show any error when you deploy the contract with that function? – haxerl Jul 26 at 13:42
  • @haxerl simply produce a message that says transaction failed. – Sunbeom So Jul 28 at 15:15
  • can u update both code in here, the code that failed and the code u deployed to the testnet – haxerl Jul 29 at 2:54

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