Once the simple blockchain web applications runs on the web browser it uses the metamask to connect to the blockchain network, when it comes to mobile applications how the application connects to blockchain network ?


Here are some clarifications:

  1. The dApp or Blockchain web application does not use MetaMask to connect to the Blockchain. A dApp on the Ethereum blockchain requires something called a provider that will help them connect with an ethereum node. Once the provider builds the bridge between the application and the node- we say that it is now connected to the blockchain.

  2. The users require an address to exist and issue transactions on the dApp platform. Metamask is a wallet, that contains your ethereum address and private key that you use to sign and authorize transactions.

If you build a mobile application and create connection with a provider to an ethereum node, you will have that application interacting on the blockchain. But as a user, you will require some kind of a wallet that will help you transact on the platform or do any kind of activity.

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