I have set up Eris on my ubuntu machine using Docker.I have created private blockchain. Eris tools provides option to work on multiple chains using below tool.

>> eris chains <start|stop|new|ls> 

I have created 2-3 chains(private) on eris platform.

simple_chain     -      ad1c0920ca       90a8408016
demochain        *      68da9f15ee       adf1d1a184
testchain        -      ec4f7873c2       abaac8d953

A star(*) marked against demochain specifies that this chain is active(or running) right now. If I want to deploy a contract on testchain , I have to stop demochain and start testchain.

My question is this why cant we have two(or more) chains running at same time in Eris.

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Multiple chains running at once on the Eris platform is indeed possible. To do this, for each chain, when you run eris chains new|start, add the --publish flag which will randomize the ports and allow multiple chains to be running at once. Hope this answers your question!

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You can actually do this my running different chains on different ports. This is possible by either using --publish or by using --ports flag. If you use --publish flag then it will randomise the ports. If you use --ports flag then you can specify the ports on which you want to run a particular chain. To read more on ports, use the eris documentation.

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