I need to write a contract. That contract should detect and alert while receiving token/ether with some parameter. If somebody sends token/ether with some parameter to my contract. I need to know at the time of the transaction received. Is any event available to do this function Thanks in advance


For this, you need to

  1. Write a function that emits a so called event.
  2. Events take parameters (the data you want to log). give the event a parameter of the type uint256 and put msg.value as that parameter when emitting the event.
  3. write a listener, that listens to the triggering of such events.

Examples for all of this can be found here: https://solidity.readthedocs.io/en/v0.5.3/contracts.html#events

Hint: If you put as fromBlock: "latest" in your listener script, it will not search for events in the past, but only give you triggered events in "real time".

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