How can I return an array of child structs of a parent struct?

as an example: After pushing multiple chapters into the parent struct, how can I retrieve all the child structs as an array (or something else suitable)?

contract NewBook {

    struct ChapterData {
        // string chapterID;
        string title;
        uint pages;

    struct BookData {
        // string bookID;
        ChapterData[] chapters;

    mapping(bytes32 => BookData) books; // bookId => BookData

    function addChapter(bytes32 _bookID, string memory title, uint pages) public {
        ChapterData memory c = ChapterData({
            title: title,
            pages: pages

To do this you'll need to make use of Solidity's experimental ABI encoder, like so:

pragma solidity ^0.5.1;
pragma experimental ABIEncoderV2;

You can then create a getter function that returns an array of structs:

function getChapterByBook(bytes32 memory _bookID) 
    ChapterData[] memory chapters
    return books[_bookID].chapters;

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