How can I map multiple struct instances to one user without overriding the previous instance? I want to retrieve both instances through one mapping query. Should I use a multi-dimensional array here or a nested mapping?

As an example. If I have the below two structs. The problem is that the cookie mapping will only retrieve the latest cookie hidden by the cookieContributor but I want to retrieve all the cookies contributed by this particular address? How should my mapping look to achieve this?

contract HiddenCookies {

    struct Cookie {
        string cookieID
        string name,
        string color,
        string flavor,
        uint amount

    struct CookieJar {
        address[] cookieContributors; 
        mapping(address => Cookie[]) cookies;
        Cookie[] cookieJarContent;
        uint cookiesHiddenForLater;
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    Sounds like mapping(address => YourStruct[]) should do the job, though it's hard to say for sure, when relying on your extremely too-broad description! Jul 11, 2019 at 15:27
  • I edited the question to hopefully shed more light on my problem @goodvibration
    – NowsyMe
    Jul 11, 2019 at 17:36

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goodvibration's answer is correct, but just to expand a bit:

When you use mapping(address => Cookie[]) cookie; what you are getting is a multidimensional array, in a way. There's a "list" of addresses (the mapping) and each address has a list of Cookies (the array Cookies[]).

Then, when a user sends a Cookie to the CookieJar, instead of setting the Cookie with

cookie[msg.sender] = myCookie;

You'd do something like


As a suggestion, I'd change the name of the mapping from cookie to cookies (plural) because I believe it's more readable that way.

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