I'am trying to build this :

     PRIVATE_CONFIG=ignore nohup geth --datadir ./Node1/new- 
     node-1 --nodiscover --verbosity 5 --networkid 31337 -- 
     rpccorsdomain="*" --ws --wsorigins="*" --miner.gastarget 3300000 
     --miner.gaslimit 80000000000 --emitcheckpoints --raft --raftport 
     59001 --rpc --rpcaddr --rpcport 29101 --rpcapi 
     --port 28101 --unlock 0 --password password.txt  
     2>>./node_logs/node1.log &

but this doesn't work. In node1.log Ihave this output flag provided but not defined: -emitcheckpoints and even I execute the command without -emitcheckpoint, I don't get flag provided but not defined: -raft I'am trying to launch a quorum node and I'am using raft as the consensus algorithm.

When I downloaded quorum using

   git clone https://github.com/jpmorganchase/quorum.git
   cd quorum
   make all

I get an error :

  build/env.sh go run build/ci.go install
  build/ci.go:61:2: use of internal package github.com/ethereum/go- 
  ethereum/internal/build not allowed
  Makefile:29: recipe for target 'all' failed
  make: *** [all] Error 1

when I go to build/ci.go:61:2 I have this instruction


Do anyone know how to solve the problems?

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Firstly, the flag provided but not defined message means that you are running a standard Ethereum geth executable, not Quorum. You need to make sure the Quorum geth is the first one found in your path.

To build Quorum, follow the steps in the documentation. Ensure you have a valid version of golang (try 1.10.3 or 1.10.4) and that your GOPATH is set up correctly.

  • I am setting up Quorum from scratch: docs.goquorum.consensys.net/en/latest/Tutorials/… As I was posting the question, the "related" section brought me here. Of course I need to use geth provided by quorum. To be fair I would prefer quorum executable to be called quorum otherwise easy to make mistakes. Incorrect Usage. flag provided but not defined: -raft -raftport Oct 27, 2020 at 11:36

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