I have installed Geth on my mac Mojave 10.14.3 by

brew tap ethereum/ethereum


brew install ethereum

Just the same as the instruction and everything goes well, but when I run

geth console

there comes a fatal error:

Fatal: Error starting protocol stack: database version is v7, Geth 1.8.27-stable only supports v3

Can anyone helps me? Thanks!

  • It seems you have run a version 1.9.xx from master previously, and now you are trying to run a version 1.8.xx github.com/ethereum/go-ethereum/issues/19693. Either wait for 1.9.0 to reach brew or if you want to use 1.8.xx start to synch from scratch.
    – Ismael
    Jul 15, 2019 at 21:20
  • Thank you very much.
    – 张舒来
    Aug 20, 2019 at 0:18


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