I have Eth.Wallet 0.8.1 for Win 64 bit. I can see the correct balance for a moment, but then it turns white. The bar with Eth. Wallet, Accounts , Edit, View, Develop, Window is visible, but the rest of the window is white. I had the same issue with the previous version since the last week. It worked perfectly before.

My computer skills are really basic and I will be really grateful for a step by step solution without IT jargon.

Thanks a lot!


The lack of display usually means insufficient memory and/or computational resources. Have a look at what Task Manager is showing. Disable any costly processes and relaunch the wallet (check if you are not mining).

In addition to this you may raise the priority of the wallet application. If this doesn't yield any results use an older, more stable version of the wallet, after you've backed up your private keys, of course.

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    Thanks Sebi, I've raised the priority, which resulted in fully visible screen with the correct balance. I have now a different issue as I can't access any of the options on the screen (Wallet, Send, Add account,...). Left click simply produces.. nothing. I will try am older version of the Wallet. Thanks! – Quixil Jul 21 '16 at 20:15

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