I understand from this thread that you're refunded up to 10,000 gas when setting a value to 0.

Does this also apply to boolean values? That is, going from true to false?


Yes, it does. To the EVM, setting a bool to false is equivalent to setting a uint to 0 in that it clears a storage slot.

You can try it out with the code below. In this contract, the following transaction costs are:

setBool() = 41705

setUint() = 41474

unsetBool() = 13386

unsetUint() = 13204

pragma solidity ^0.5.10;

contract RefundTest {

    bool public boolGasTest;
    uint256 public uintGasTest;

    function unsetBool() public {
        boolGasTest = false;

    function setBool() public {
        boolGasTest = true;

    function unsetUint() public {
        uintGasTest = 0;

    function setUint() public {
        uintGasTest = 1;

Note: the gas refund takes place at the conclusion of the transaction. Because of this, you may still hit the block gas limit if your transaction costs more than 8 million gas before the refund.

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