I am creating a session Contract then get it's public key using event on promise function 'loadSessionContract' but it run before 'creatSessionPromise' finish transaction so I got empty address what I should do to make 'loadSessionContract' wait till 'creatSessionPromise' end the transaction? (note: I can't use .then() because it dosen't work with await and it's required to use await in all contracts function calls)

  createSession: async(_sessionName, _discription, _start, _end, _lecturers, _attendes) => {
    const Organization = await $.getJSON('Organization.json')
    App.contracts.Organization = web3.eth.contract(Organization.abi).at(App.organizationAddress)
    //make transaction      
    await App.createSessionPromise(_sessionName, _discription, _start, _end, _lecturers, _attendes, App.organizationAddress)
    // wait till transaction end
    await App.loadSessionContract()


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