The following link discusses about deploying of smart contract

[How To: Deploy Smart Contracts Onto The Ethereum Blockchain1

But it does not say how much it would cost to upload the contract on the main Ethereum network. I also read this text:

“To deploy a smart contract on Ethereum, you send a transaction to address 0 that contains EVM bytecode in its data field. This code, when executed, should return the contract’s code (so, there’s a level of indirection, you don’t directly attach the contract code itself, you attach code that will return the contract code).”

The link is:

Quora Link

It says : “This code, when executed,” I have following questions and some vague answers which I want to clarify:

  1. How we send the code to the main Ethereum network? (Ans.)Using geth node?
  2. Does geth ask for the gas cost & how do we send the gas cost? Please reply me.
  3. How we send the first transaction to address 0?

We use some other contract to create an instance of our contract. Is this right? But what if we don’t have access to any other contract? What is the role of EVM in this case?

  1. Once the mining ends, does the contract automatically gets stored on the blockchain by EVM or the miner has to execute some command?
  • "Does geth ask for the gas cost & how do we send the gas cost?" - you'll have to specify the gas-limit. You can also specify the gas-price, or geth will use some default value (I think, the last price used, or an average of the last N blocks). – goodvibration Jun 30 at 8:19

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