System information

Geth version: 1.7.2-stable-0905eda4

OS & Version: Ubuntu 16.04

Branch, Commit Hash or Release: HEAD detached at v2.2.1

Actual behaviour and Steps to reproduce the behaviour My project repository -> https://github.com/xaviermaltas/quorumPrivateNetwork5Nodes

I'm using a 5 nodes example of a Quorum private network ( https://github.com/bacen/quorum-examples/tree/master/examples/5nodesRTGS ) with new keys. I have initialized the system using the instructions ./raft-init and ./raft-start.

enter image description here

After that I use the command geth attach ipc:"qdata/dd1/geth.ipc to open the Geth console and check the values of the network. (If you test it, you will see that there are 4 peers at the net and the initial number of blocks it's 0. Command to see all the information -> web3). It's also required for unlocking a geth account -> personal.unlockAccount(eth.accounts[0]).

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Then, I deploy a Truffle project with 2 contracts using sudo truffle migrate --reset --compile-all --network quorumNet. At the Geth console it's available to see that the number of blocks have changed from 0 to 4.

enter image description here

This Truffle Project contains a Votation Distrubuted Application with a Web App using Metamask plugin. (To bring up the web app use the command npm start. Introduce ethereum.enable() at the browser to connect Metamask with a private Network. Must add a new Custom RPC).

enter image description here

Using the web application and select a 'candidate' and press the 'Vote' button, the web app will interact with the contract and this will generate a transaction for being introduce to the blockchain.

enter image description here

The transaction is generated correct as the Quorum-Truffle guidelines, but transactions keep stack at the txpool of the network (able to check using again web3).

enter image description here

Expected behaviour

The transaction must be mined by all the nodes at the network and must be introduced to the Blockchain as a new block. (Increasing the number of blocks)

  • Can you check whats in the node logs? And ensure that nodes are still interconnected by looking into raft.cluster and admin.peers? – fixanoid Jun 19 '19 at 21:20

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