I've opened Chrome extension and downloaded the Brave search engine. However, even though I've selected to show MetaMask in my tool bar it's not showing anywhere and I don't know how to access it. So, further to that, does MetaMask work on Android phones or only on PCs? (it's my android that I've tried to use it on).


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Chrome UI is horrible - you see the puzzle icon top right? That's where you select which extensions are pinned (always visible in the toolbar) and which are not. If you go to chrome://extensions/ you can't control that. Which sucks.

  • It's an embarrassment. I thought that was some other extension and needed to come here to figure it out. WTF Google?
    – Josh Morel
    Dec 13, 2020 at 15:19

Just go to chrome extension..search for metamask. There you can see the metamask in results.

There will be a launch button if you already installed.

I hope it helps !


If you have already added metamask chrome extension, open a new chrome window. You should be able to view the Metamask icon on the top left hand corner. Metamask Icon

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