Are there any official information about request limitations? I know for example that there is a limit for the amount of results in getLogs: https://infura.io/docs/ethereum/json-rpc/eth_getLogs

requests are currently limited to 1000 results

But are there also limits in terms of json-rpc requests in general? E.g. how many getBalance requestst can I do per day / per hour?

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The discussion attached to Infura issue #58 states that there are no rate limits on RPC requests.

We do not currently have any rate limits, and will clearly publish them if we implement them. However the production infrastructure is a shared resource, so you may be seeing contention w/ other requests. For us to diagnose your issue, we need exactly copies of the JSONRPC requests made.


in 2019 they introduced paid plan and limits for free plan. For RPC request 10 req/sec, 100000 req/day.


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