pragma solidity ^0.5.7;

    contract Test {
        function test() public view  returns (uint){
             return 10*10;

        function test2() external view  returns (uint){
             return 10*2;

1) according to my knowledge external means we cannot call the function inside class but how i am able to call it ?

Can any one please explain? This is my output which i can see in remix console.

 status     0x1 Transaction mined and execution succeed
 transaction hash   0x0e3c9b7c67387cdcf3a4d2001323e83b20f64dbe12abb6e81700ccc6cc844454
 from   0xca35b7d915458ef540ade6068dfe2f44e8fa733c
 to     Test.test2() 0x0dcd2f752394c41875e259e00bb44fd505297caf
 gas    3000000 gas

 transaction cost   21463 gas 
 execution cost     191 gas 
 hash   0x0e3c9b7c67387cdcf3a4d2001323e83b20f64dbe12abb6e81700ccc6cc844454
 input  0x66e...41cb7
 decoded input  {}
 decoded output     {
    "0": "uint256: 20"
 logs   []

0 wei

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Sure you can: this.test2() instead of just test2. But notice that msg.sender will be changed to this.

public = internal + external

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