• Parity Ethereum version: 2.5.1-beta, tested on 2.4.6 as well
  • Operating system: Linux (Ubuntu)
  • Installation: binary
  • Fully synchronized: yes
  • Network: ethereum
  • Restarted: yes

I'm using a websocket. I created a filter, and am now trying to parity_subscribe to eth_getFilterChanges.

Expected behaviour

On sending {"method":"parity_subscribe","id":1,"params":["eth_getFilterChanges",["0x2e"]],"jsonrpc":"2.0"} I'm expecting to get notifications whenever the filter changes.

Actual behaviour

I'm getting this error: {"subscription":"0xc95382972f510b2a","error":{"code":-32601,"message":"Method not found"}} When directly fetching the filter changes, everything works as expected. Subscribing to other methods (such as eth_getBalance, similar to the docs) works as expected.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a filter such as {"method":"eth_newPendingTransactionFilter","id":1,"params":[],"jsonrpc":"2.0"}
  2. Try to parity_subscribe to eth_getFilterChanges of that filter {"method":"parity_subscribe","id":1,"params":["eth_getFilterChanges",["0x2e"]],"jsonrpc":"2.0"} where 0x2e is the filter ID
  3. Check the incoming notification for error
  • can you link your node configuration? – Crema Jun 14 '19 at 14:44

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