I want to set the price in Token every time the contract is deployed by calling ETHUSD in constructor and getting result from it.

pragma solidity ^0.5.0;

import "./ETHUSD.sol";

contract Token {

    uint256 public price;

    constructor() public {
        price =

What should I add in Token after "price =" to make it work?

pragma solidity ^0.5.0;

    import "./oraclizeAPI.sol";

    contract ETHUSD is usingOraclize {

        string public priceETHUSD;

        event LogNewCoinBaseOraclizeQuery(string description);
        event LogNewCoinBaseTicker(string price);

        constructor() public {
            oraclize_setProof(proofType_Android | proofStorage_IPFS);
            update(); // Update price on contract creation...

        function __callback(bytes32 _myid, string memory _result, bytes memory _proof) public {
            require(msg.sender == oraclize_cbAddress());
            update(); // Recursively update the price stored in the contract...
            priceETHUSD = _result;
            emit LogNewCoinBaseTicker(priceETHUSD);

        function update() public payable {
            if (oraclize_getPrice("URL") > address(this).balance) {
                emit LogNewCoinBaseOraclizeQuery("Oraclize query was NOT sent, please add some ETH to cover for the query fee!");
            } else {
                emit LogNewCoinBaseOraclizeQuery("Oraclize query was sent, standing by for the answer...");
                oraclize_query(5, "URL", "json(https://api.pro.coinbase.com/products/ETH-USD/ticker).price");

Contract above ETHUSD is just example and it gets the price from the API.

price = ETHUSD(0x123abc...).priceETHUSD();

Replace 0x123abc... with the actual address of the deployed ETHUSD contract you want to use.

  • That's what I was looking for, thank you.
    – 3rr0r
    Jun 10 '19 at 13:44
  • Should go ahead and accept that answer @3rr0r
    – foba
    Jun 12 '19 at 23:19


That’s works and it’s gets the specific price from the „0x123abc...” address contract.

But how I can get „0x123abc...” address field automatically updated every time I call the Token contract?

What I mean by that that is:

Token => call ETHUSD => ETHUSD is deployed and new address is generated => Token

price = ETHUSD(new address).priceETHUSD();

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