how can I use the indexed parameter of a triggered event as a input for a function called in response to that event triggered? This is the event:

    event LogOfferAccepted(
    uint _id,
    address indexed _buyer,
    uint _deposit,
    address indexed _seller

I would like to use the _id and the _deposit parameter of the event in the response. I tried a couple of things similar to this:

function listenToEvents (){
var Offer = web3.eth.contract(offerABI);
var offerInstance = Offer.at('0x6eb2282a770E4013C2CD599eA27bc38fCd5Ea4AA');var event = offerInstance.LogOfferAccepted({_seller:"0x24210cC4ec500C2A029c65adD3270cB2878f80d3"}, {}).watch(function(error, event){
if(!error) {
  functionA(_seller, _id);

How can I use the the _deposit as a function input in the reaction to an event??

Many Thx ahead.

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