Using Remix, I can't pass a set of bytes ["0xee", "0xff", "0xgg", "0xhh", "0xii"] to my function

function foo(bytes5 input) {
    // Do something

I've already tried all these formats:

["0xee", "0xff", "0xgg", "0xhh", "0xii"]
[["0xee"], ["0xff"], ["0xgg"], ["0xhh"], ["0xii"]]
"0xee", "0xff", "0xgg", "0xhh", "0xii"

The IDE always raises the same error or says (legitimately) that the number of arguments doesn't match with my function:

Error encoding arguments: Error: invalid bytes5 value (arg="", type="object", value=undefined)

As you can see I already tried the solutions suggested here and here, how should I do it?
Thanks in advance!

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The set of bytes must be in hex, 0xgg, 0xhh and 0xii are not hex bytes.

Try this:

input : ["0xee", "0xff", "0xff", "0xff"]

function foo(bytes5 input) public view returns (bytes5) {
    return input;

output: 0: bytes5: 0xeeffffff00

If you want something more arbitrary:

input :  ["0x00","0xaa", "0xff"]

function foo(bytes memory input) public view returns (bytes memory) {
    return input;

output:  0: bytes: 0x00aaff
  • Damn I spent half an hour on this silly mistake! Thank you very much!
    – DamiToma
    Commented Jun 6, 2019 at 9:56

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