I'm making an app using react, ethereum and solidity.

I'm signing up the user using..


Then all users need to do certain tasks on app. They need to do certain transaction on my app. For that they need ether to pay for gas in that transaction.

  • I can't tell user to mine ether for my private blockchain.
  • Web3 miner function are not stable so I can not mine using app.

What is the best possible solution?

  • The function web3.eth.personal.newAccount creates the accounts in your node, which becomes a possible point of failure because it is storing the private keys of your clients. You are also exposing personal api which you have to do with a lot of care. For gasless transaction check about meta transactions, for example youtube.com/watch?v=BbjNuSYJ_mA. – Ismael Jun 7 at 16:47

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