Why does web3js 0.20.6 returns all-lowercase addresses on contract creation not a checksumed address?!

How to deal with this trouble?

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You can use


EDIT: Sorry, just saw you mean 0.20.6, so its:


I think that was not supported in web3 0.x , try to implement the function by yourself

found this code hier eip-55

const createKeccakHash = require('keccak')

function toChecksumAddress (address) {
  address = address.toLowerCase().replace('0x', '')
  var hash = createKeccakHash('keccak256').update(address).digest('hex')
  var ret = '0x'

  for (var i = 0; i < address.length; i++) {
    if (parseInt(hash[i], 16) >= 8) {
      ret += address[i].toUpperCase()
    } else {
      ret += address[i]

  return ret

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