I am using a truffle box react - after truffle unbox react everything works fine

Later however, after yarn add @material-ui/core

I get an error: Can't resolve 'react'

The same happens after installing react-bootstrap

Any idea how to fix it? The goal is to have a full truffle react box setup + either material-ui or boostrap-react.


I cloned the react-box repo, installed all the dependencies and again everything worked fine

After that, I created a new project, cloned again, but this time I edited package.json by adding "react-bootstrap": "0.32.4" dependency

I run

npm install 

in my component:

import Button from 'react-bootstrap/Button';

<Button variant="primary">Primary</Button>

to check if it works, but after

npm start 

this time I run into:

Can't resolve 'react-bootstrap/Button'

I don't mix yarn with npm, just tried both approaches with different projects.

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