I'm building a simple explorer and I would like to list events emitted by contracts. Since I can't know the ABI of each contract, is it possible to get past events from a contract using Web3?
If I knew the ABI, I would do something like this:

var myContract = new web3.eth.Contract(ABI, address);

myContract.getPastEvents('allEvents', {
    filter: {...},
    fromBlock: 0,
    toBlock: 'latest'
}, (error, events) => { console.log(events); })
.then((events) => {
    console.log(events) // same results as the optional callback above

But of course I can't instantiate a contract without its interface. I wonder how explorers such as Etherscan do this.

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You can use 'web3.eth.getPastLogs({fromBlock: , address: }, (err, result))'

The result will contain Objects where the events are in the 'topics', but you can't decode the events without the ABI.

EDIT: topics is an array with the first element the event name and the following elements are the parameters

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