I'm working on a project that will allow users to use our platform to auction stuff. Programatically, how would I convert this idea into a profit for me. I want to take a 3.75% fee from any won auctions. I know I shouldn't just do the following:

function withdrawWinner() public {
    beneficiary.transfer(balance * .9625);

as proactively sending is bad, so the next thing I thought would be two function modifiers:

modifier onlyMyEOA {
    require(msg.sender == address(myEOA));

modifier onlyAuctionWinner {
    require(msg.sender == address(highestBidder));

and then having two withdraw functions with logic to keep track of the funds I now own. Lastly, there is another contract called the AuctionFactory which basically does what it says, it creates the Auction contratcs. I could have the owner of all contracts be the AuctionFactory and then do an owner.transfer(balance); after sending the auction host their winnings. Any better ideas?

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