I am working windows 10 and have both




I am using command

truffle migrate --reset --networks rinkeby

Error produced: Unknown network "ganache". See your Truffle configuration file for available networks. Truffle v5.0.19 (core: 5.0.19)

Here's my truffle configuration:

 networks: {

      development: {
        host: "",
        port: 7545,
        network_id: "5777", // Match any network id
        from: "0x55690752ed06B1d37510D20B3516b2D12F007f6d"

      rinkeby: {
        provider: () => new HDWalletProvider(mnemonic, infura),
        network_id: 4,
        gas: 6700000,
        gasPrice : 10000000000

The configurations are same for both truffle.js & truffle-config.js

  • To begin with, on Windows, get rid of truffle.js if you want to be able to run truffle... command line. – goodvibration May 27 at 14:45

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