I found this way of creating a new ethereum account with web3j. But what if I want to create a wallet file for an already registered account? I need this because most of the web3j functions require a wallet file.

  1. Generate a key-pair Keys.createEcKeyPair()
  2. Create the wallet Wallet.createStandard(seed, keyPair)

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you don't need always a wallet file, you can do something like this

 * system wallet.
private Credentials credentials;

 * Get wallet from PrivateKey.
 * @param privateKeyInHex the private key
private Credentials getCredentailFromPrivteKey(String privateKeyInHex) {
    BigInteger privateKeyInBT = new BigInteger(privateKeyInHex, 16);
    ECKeyPair aPair = ECKeyPair.create(privateKeyInBT);
    Credentials aCredential = Credentials.create(aPair);
    credentials = aCredential;

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