I read that if I am using proxy, there is a chance of function clashing. Let's say in my contract there is a function with a signature:


Now, as I understand correctly, a hacker can perform a loop on his computer and create a special function with signature:


Both signatures are same: 025313a2

What exactly can a hacker do with this? He can call the function directly anyway. What kind of danger comes with function clash? If my function isn't view, what unexpected can be happened?

In my contract in the proxy's update proxy address I'm checking if sender exist in the registry contract as an allowed to make any changes. Still, do I need to implement zeppelin's transparent proxy to prevent clashing? Why?


Suggest the following article could answer some of your questions: https://medium.com/nomic-labs-blog/malicious-backdoors-in-ethereum-proxies-62629adf3357

If you have questions about ZeppelinOS you can join us in the forum https://forum.zeppelin.solutions/

  • I have read this document but i do not understand how an attack can be performed... – Bob5421 Feb 7 at 17:22

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