I am building a dapp, the user structure is composed of multiple attribute so I divided it to 3 structures, but I still have the problem of the deep stack in the registration function

  struct InfoCompte {
      string  mail;
      string  nom;
      string  prenom;
      string  motDePasse;
      string  photoDeProfil;
      address owner;
  struct InfoPeronnelle{
      string  dateDeNaissance;
      string  adresse;
      string  ville;
      string  pays;
      string  codePostal;
      string  CV;
  struct CompteBancaire{
      string  rib;
      string  iban;
      string  titulaire;
      string releveIDBancaire; //ipfs

   struct user{
    InfoCompte infoCompt;
    InfoPeronnelle infoPerso;
    CompteBancaire compteBanc;
    bool set;

I tried to build a registration function for each structure, then call them in a final function but the problem still there .

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