Method in the java class generated by web3j is like this:

public static RemoteCall<Crowdfunding> deploy(Web3j web3j, Credentials credentials, BigInteger gasPrice, BigInteger gasLimit, BigInteger initialWeiValue, BigInteger initialSupply)

Why need to indicate both values if one can be calculated from the other? Are both indeed indicating the same concept?

Excuse if it is a basic question, I am newby to solidity, but I could make the contract work in remix where I only needed to indicate the initial supply in my denomination of choice.

  • could you post your constructor () in your solidity code, those parameters are in each deploy function (Web3j web3j, Credentials credentials, BigInteger gasPrice, BigInteger gasLimit), but (BigInteger initialWeiValue, BigInteger initialSupply) are related to the paramets in your constructor (...., ....) – Majd TL May 19 '19 at 19:49

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