trying to see if there's any hope in restoring my wallet. I opened my Mist application for the first time since 2017 and was able to see my wallet. When I restarted it the next day, it was gone. I didn't realize that I had saved a different JSON file (which was an ENS bid file) and not the wallet backup file.

1.) Any thoughts on why I saw my wallet one day and it disappeared the next? 2.) Any thoughts on how I can restore/access my wallet? I have the ENS bids file and it looks like my Library>Ethereum folder has Geth, Keystore, and Testnet folders. The Keystore folder is empty and there's a couple of folders and files in the Geth and Testnet folders.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I literally saw that my wallet still had ether in it 2 days ago.


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