I'm trying to create a DAPP (with docker-compose) which will require many transactions, and I am currently experiencing nonce problems with my Transaction Manager.

However, I'm not looking for help with this problem. What I would like to do is decrease the time between blocks getting mined in my dev environment. Currently, blocks get mined every 2 minutes, whereas blocks on the ethereum network get mined every 17 seconds or so.

Is it possible to change the time on my local machine in order to simulate a real life environment?


Don't know how to change the time but you can force block mining using the evm_mine method.

    jsonrpc: '2.0',
    method: 'evm_mine',
  }, (e) => {
    if (e) { return reject(e); }


How to mine my contract in testrpc


My development workflow and stack goes like this.

  1. Remix and JavaScript VM for iteration and superficial testing.
  2. Truffle and a single-node private network w. 2 blocks/second to develop unit tests and UI. I do that with Geth and a genesis block that specifies low difficulty.
  3. Deploy to Rinkeby with normal block time.

The first two platforms have fast block time. The third one is realistic.

Hope it helps.

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