Can anyone suggest mobile wallets (both IOS and Andriod) that supports testnet Eth? Jaxx used to (or at least the IOS version used to), but doesn't look as though it does now.


Coinbase Wallet on iOS and Android (https://wallet.coinbase.com/) Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Active Network Supports Kovan, Rinkeby and Ropsten

Status.im on iOS and Android (https://status.im/get/) Profile -> Advanced -> Development mode (toggle) then change Network in same menu Supports Rinkeby and Ropsten

Walleth on Android (https://walleth.org/) I don't have an Android next to me so can't confirm how to get to testnets

  • Tried Coinbase Wallet and it worked on my iPhone. Thanks very much for the detailed information - I had tried a number of wallets with no luck! – Demos May 16 '19 at 23:48

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