I made contract ERC20 token MTCZx


which can sell MTCZx tokens for ETH.

When I deployed it I make query to balanceOf with contract owner



and see contract owner has 1 000 000 MTCZx balance.

When I add MTCZx to metamask I see balance only 1 MTCZx instead of 1 000 000.

The same 1 MTCZx total supply here instead of 1 000 000


Also when I send tokens to another user https://ropsten.etherscan.io/tx/0xdcfc79ff803eda40f9a7841c84acb76434565be9fb120bc3fbdfb2f46793d7ae

I see in Metamask balance 0 tokens instead of 0.01 MTCZx

What's wrong with metamask? I or ERC20 contract?


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The denomination unit in your ERC20 contract is 6:

uint8 public constant decimals = 6;

MetaMask displays the balance according to this value, i.e., the balance divided by 10 ** 6.

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