I am trying to deploy this contract on the test network and am able to do so successfully but when i try to call the play function i get gas estimation error and can do nothing further. I am using remix connected to Ropsten. To works fine in javascript vm. Can anyone tell me whats wrong? ps: i didnt forget to send ether when i called the play function

pragma solidity ^0.5.8;

contract test1 {

uint256 count =0;
address payable owner;
address[] public players;

 constructor () public { //constructor
    owner = msg.sender; 


function play() payable public { 
            require (msg.value >= 100000000000000000);

This code shouldn't work in the JavaScript VM (or anywhere else).

players is a dynamically-sized array, initially with size 0. So attempting to write to players[0] will fail bounds checking.

You may be used to a language that allows such writes, but in Solidity you have to either explicitly increase the size of the array first (players.length += 1) or just use players.push(msg.sender) to extend the array and put a value in the newly available spot in the array. You can then get rid of the count variable, which is redundant with players.length.

  • i will try that out, appreciated – Sundeep Kumar May 4 at 3:57

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