Should it be like the example below(2,2 as two different parametres) Ex: const stackId = drizzle.contracts.SimpleStorage.methods.set.cacheSend(2,2, {from: '0x3f...'})

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That is the correct way of doing multiple parameters. See here where somebody asked a similar question.


The easier way is sending them as parameters to cacheSend:

      toHex(parseAmountToToken(amountToSend, tokenDecimals))

Here, we are sending two parameters for the transfer function: transfer(address, uint256)....

If you are using hooks you can use the send function passing the parameters you need:

const { useCacheSend } = drizzleReactHooks.useDrizzle()
const { send, TXObjects } = useCacheSend('MyToken', 'transfer')


          // Use memoization to avoid unnecessary rerenders.
          useCallback(({ to=drizzleState.clientAccount, value=toHex(parseAmountToToken(amountToSend, tokenDecimals)) }) => send(to, value), [amountToSend])

That's all.

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