I am experiencing an issue of MetaMask but I do not know how to track down if this is due to MetaMask itself or due to my dapp.

Following problem: I load my webpage in Chromium on Linux and log in to MetaMask. Everything works as expected and I can interact with smart contracts etc. After a while suddenly the tab in which my website is open freezes and my whole computer slows down. The freezing itself is a short but not instant process. This means I can already see that my computer slows down a few seconds beforehand. As soon as everything is frozen, I can close the tab of my website. The browser will not react immediately but will need about one minute. After the tab is closed, the computer speed is back to normal. However, MetaMask has crashed in the browser. It has vanished from the active extension symbols. I need to reload it.

Now I wonder if this is due to some loop in my javascript program (which I do not see) or a MetaMask specific problem. Obviously, the memory or CPU of my computer becomes the problem. Consequently, I guess there might be some kind of issue like a steadily growing storage or a loop.

How can I track down this issue?

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