I have tested it in remix and the function does work, I also removed inputs just for testing purposes but it seems that it doesn't work anyway.

Here is the function:

struct Message{
    string Message;
    int Vote;
    uint timeSubmit;
    bool isImportant;
    uint senderId;
Message[] messageArr; 
function getMessageString() public view returns(string memory){
        return messageArr[2].Message;

I am calling it in web3.js like this:

  function getString() {
        messageInstance.getMessageString(function(error, result){
          if (error) {
          else {


I am using truffle but it keeps giving me this error.

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Function getMessageString takes 0 parameters, yet you are calling it with 1 parameter.

Therefore, change this:

messageInstance.getMessageString(function(error, result)

To something like this:


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