This is a highly specific bottleneck encountered when using Truffle.

  1. In my normal truffle-config.js file, I have the optimizer enabled.
  2. I run a CI pipeline which has a coverage job.
  3. I use 0x/sol-coverage and it seems that when enabling the Solidity optimizer some information about the source code is lost and the aggregate coverage is lower than it should be.
  4. Therefore, I would ideally be able to run truffle compile --disable-optimizer - or some way to modify the compiler settings.

At worst, I could modify the truffle-config.js file before running the coverage job, but I feel this is not good practice.

Are there any other workarounds?


I resorted to checking for some environment variables in the truffle-config.js file, although I'm not fully satisfied by this solution. I'll keep this thread open until I find a better alternative.

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