I hosted a full node on AWS that syncs the Rinkeby testnet. I have a Raspberry Pi as an IoT sensor running a light node. Unfortunately Rinkeby has the issue of very few full nodes that serve light nodes, so the block synchronization fails / stops frequently.

This is why I want the light node to permanently connect to the full node I hosted.

I added the --lightserv 50 flag to my full node and included its enode in the static-nodes.json (which apparently is deprecated in geth 1.9).

When I check for admin.peers on the light node I cannot see the full node. Also when adding it via admin.addPeer("..endoe..") it does not show up in admin.peers.

what I am doing wrong / missing here?

Interesstingly, on Ropsten there is no issue with the amount of peers, there are constantly 3-4 I am connected with..

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