I am feeding a signed serialized raw transaction to sendRawTransaction of web3. The problem is that whenever I call sendRawTransaction it throws an error:

rlp: expected input list for types.txdata.

I have read stuffs about RLP but I can't seem to fully understand it. I am using web3@0.20.6 because we cannot use the beta version just yet. Help is very much appreciated thank you!!

  • How do you sign the transaction? Try decoding the raw transaction with a decoder blockchains.tools/rawTransactionDecoder?l=ETH, if that fails it is likely you are not generating it properly. – Ismael Apr 26 at 5:13
  • I am using azure keyvault to sign transactions. I found out that my signature was indeed correct however there was no context of the actual transactions within the signature. Now that I've assembled the transaction before signing it, it now works. Thanks for the response I really appreciate it. – Brent Tudas Apr 26 at 6:31
  • Perhaps explaining your situation as an answer will help others with a similar problem. – Ismael Apr 26 at 15:20

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